Stamping upon customer’s drawing

Our company is specialized in sheet metal forming for the following materials: high strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other steel products.

We focus our work in automatic stamping operations, stud welding, robotwelding, barreling and industrial washing.
In order to offer a complete service to our customers, we provide them with a wide range of superficial treatments too: cataphoresis, powder painting, zinc plating, seal zinc planting, nickel plating, and heat treatment as well.

Frigerio Ettore S.p.A. works upon customer’s drawing mainly for the following industrial fields:
•automotive and all related industries
•electronics and textile
•heating equipment


Via Risorgimento, 9
23900 Lecco - Italy
Tel +39 0341 1880642
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Stampaggio lamiere a freddo conto terzi, minuterie metalliche e chiusure a leva.

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